Friday, January 15, 2010

Evolution of a Painting

I painted this painting and another for friends ( a couple) as a gift for helping us paint our house. I'll decide which to give them after both are complete. I love the idea of trading for services or goods. It often helps both parties to get what they need or want. While I painted I took photos at various intervals to document my progress. Since I paint in many layers the painting goes through stages, evolving if you will, into its final form. It's definitely about the process for me. I paint for the love of painting. I like moving the paint around with a brush, sponge, rag, or scraper; and I relish finding "happy accidents". Making marks and letting the paint drip to form linear patterns is characteristic of my work also. Although I may spend a week on one painting I want the final result to have a spontaneous quality. I start with a wide brush 3 or 4" and create a large calligraphic form, my marks often appear like Japanese or Chinese characters. Then I glaze color over in large sections before narrowing down areas and adding shapes symbols.