Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm Back to Painting and Posting

River Running  48 x 36 " acrylic on canvas

Well, my last post was entire year ago. The annual steamroller event is next weekend at Atelier 6000 in Bend, Oregon and my last post was a video from last year. I've lost a lot of time this year to family events.  We have a new granddaughter in the family and we have already been to Wyoming three times since she was born to see her and her Mom and Dad. She is a delight and I've gone the way of the crazy grandma, making faces and funny noises to her on Skype and wanting to buy every cute baby dress or stuffed animal. On a less positive note, my 92 year old Mom was hospitalized and had to be moved to an assisted living facility from her home because she could no longer live alone. I've spent months unloading her house; moving things to my home; hosting garage sales; and taking car loads to the Goodwill or the dump. As a result my artistic life has suffered. Recently I have been painting again on a more daily basis and I have three shows this month, one in October and another in November.

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