Friday, December 18, 2009

A Great Tradition for Artist Friends

For the past nine years I have hosted a party for my women friends who are artists and every year each artist brings a small original artwork that they have created. The work arrives wrapped as a holiday gift and we play the exchange game using two rounds of numbers. The "stealing" gets pretty wild as each artist tries to acquire the piece that they love and want to take home. No one is ever disappointed, however, because all the work is professional and well done. Every January I frame the piece that I received at the party and hang it in my hallway along with other small works that I have acquired over the years through trade or purchase. It is a lovely sampling of all my favorite artists. The party is great for networking and meeting new artists as well. We have a potluck luncheon first and then everyone introduces themselves and talks briefly about where they are in their process or what their goals for the coming year are for their art. After we eat we play the game. Sometimes martinis and wine are enjoyed making the game even more fun.

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